Wednesday, July 1, 2015

iLock™ Laces #Review #iLockLaces

I received iLock™ Laces in return for my unbiased review. iLock™ Laces are a unique pair of shoelaces. These laces come in an assortment of colors. These laces are great for adults and kids. If you have little ones that don't know how to tie their shoes, this is a very nice way to keep those laces tied. These laces are a great alternative to velcro shoes. Velcro wears down and shoes have to be replaced sooner.  I love these laces. They are easy to use.  Simply lace up shoes (for best fit, have shoes on foot).  Thread each lace through iLock™ opening. Trim laces atleast 3 inches below iLock™ and place laces into clip. Press and lock the clip and it's ready to go. The laces can be tightened or loosened by moving the iLock™ up or down.  These laces are one size fits all. Each package contains 2 iLock™ Locks, 2 elastic shoelaces in your choice of colors, and 3 iLock™ clips (an extra clip is included just in case at no additional charge).  They are made of a very flexible elastic. They are multi-banded elastic won't break or dry rot. Overall, a very high quality pair of shoelaces. I absolutely love these laces. You can find out more about  iLock™ Laces @ or

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