Saturday, July 4, 2015

Pocket Disc #Review #PocketDisc

Pocket Disc specializes in handmade, soft cotton discs. Similar to frisbees, these discs can be thrown indoors or outdoors. They are 8" in diameter and come in an assortment of types and designs. The different types of discs include el Grande, Indoor, Sports and the new disc- The Beast ( watersports disc). I had the opportunity to receive Pocket Disc's el Grande Pocket Disc in return for my unbiased review. These are very unique discs. I received the el Grande Disc which is made for high action (ideal for my boys). This disc is the farthest flying, most robust disc and great for outdoor play. When I received this disc, I was curious as to how well it would fly. Of course, my nine year old didn't give me time to really inspect it before he decided to try it himself. I was a little skeptical at how well a cloth disc would fly as compared to a frisbee. This disc removed ALL skepticism I had. It soars through the air smoothly and quickly. It glides and the best part about it is that it doesn't hurt like a frisbee can when you catch it ( especially the wrong way). These pocket discs are soft, bright and very colorful. My boys and their friends have really enjoyed throwing this disc. My four year has even given it a whirl. It's a really cool disc and can be folded and stuck in the pocket. I like that this is a soft disc so even if they throw in the house, they won't break anything.  My kids absolutely love this disc. Mommy loves it, too!! Highly recommend checking it out and picking one up for yourself. You can find out more about Pocket Disc @

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