Friday, July 3, 2015

Radha Frankincense Essential Oil & Radha Peppermint Oil #Review #RadhaFrankincense

I received both Radha Frankincense Essential Oil & Radha Peppermint Oil in return for my honest review.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
Radha Frankincense Essential Oil is a very strong yet effective oil.  It comes in a nice, blue bottle and has a dropper included. This is a large bottle at 4 ounces. It's more than enough to last a long time. This oil has a variety of different uses. It can be used as an antiseptic, aromatherapy, diuretic, anti-aging and more. It has a strong scent. I have personally used this oil for aromatherapy. I've also learned that using this oil as an aromatherapy can help reduce blood pressure. I've been using it in a diffuser, sometimes mixing it with lemon oil. My husband had a boil and I applied this oil to it daily. It helped to dry it up and heal it. This is a very nice essential oil. You can find out more about Radha Frankincense Essential Oil @
Radha Peppermint oil has so many uses. From headaches & migraines, aromatherapy to cleaning uses, the possibilities seem endless. This is a really large bottle ( at 4 oz, it will last a long time). It's a 100% pure and natural essential oil. This is a great oil for diffusers. I like to put it in my diffuser to make my house smell like peppermint. It gives the house a light, minty smell. It's also great to put a few drops in bath water. It helps to relax me after a long day. I've also had a problem with 'sugar' ants in my kitchen. I've tried pest control, bug sprays, etc to no avail. They've be such a nuisance so I put some peppermint oil under my sink and I haven't seen one since. There are so many other uses for this oil. I highly recommend picking it up. Great oil. You can check out more about Radha Peppermint Oil @

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