Friday, July 10, 2015

Rebelite Selfie Front Flash Case for iPhone 6 #Selfieflashcase #Review

I received Rebelite Selfie Front Flash Case for iPhone 6 in return for my unbiased review. This is a very sturdy case. It has a hard shell and a rubberized outer skin. This does a really nice job at protecting the phone. I'm a clumsy person and my phone sometimes takes the brunt of it. This case provides that protection my phone needs. It's definitely not a cheaply made case. It looks stylish and I love the front flash. There are forward facing adjustable LED lights on this case that allow the light needed to take great selfies. It's hard to get the perfect lighting when taking selfies but now taking those pics are a breeze. There are 3 levels of brightness and it's easy to adjust the brightness. There are Selfie pics look so much clearer and nicer. This is a nice, high quality case that really helps to take the perfect selfies. You can check out more about Rebelite Selfie Front Flash Case for iPhone 6 @

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