Thursday, July 2, 2015

SavvyBaby Stroller Organizer #Review #savvybaby

I received SavvyBaby Stroller Organizer in return for my unbiased review. This is a very nice organizer bag. It's universal and can fit most strollers including Britax, City Mini, Bob, Uppababy, Umbrella & more. It has a collapsible frame that will fold with the stroller. The Chevron design is beautiful!! It also comes in a black design. This bag is made of neoprene fabric that can insulate beverages. This is great for taking walks or runs. I can pack my drink and baby's drink and it stays cool. This bag has two insulated drink holders as well as a zip off pouch. This is great for putting keys, cell phone or wallet in. I don't have to grab an extra bag. I can throw my stuff in the pouch and keep going. I also received the toy leash. This is a great feature for wrapping up my son's snack cups. He's at the age where he loves to throw things. He can try and throw his snack cup but it's not going very far with this leash. Overall, this is a very BEAUTIFUL, sturdy and durable bag. Wish I would've had his bag a LONG time ago. Comes in so very handy!! Highly recommend. You can check out more about SavvyBaby Stroller Organizer @

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