Thursday, July 9, 2015

Zitrades 2 pcs White LED Penlight #Review #Zitradespenlight

I received Zitrades 2 pcs White LED Penlight in return for my unbiased review. This is a set of penlights that are heavy duty and high quality. It's a set of two penlights. The colors of these penlights are nice. There's a blue and purple one. They have a very bright white LED light. Included are AAA batteries which are replaceable. As a pediatric nurse, these lights come in handy. They're nice to have for checking eyes, ears, nose and throat. They provide great illumination. These penlights are comfortable to hold and use. Click to turn the light on and off. These are really nice penlights for nurses, doctors, even mechanics. My husband is a mechanic and he really likes to have these penlights. It's small enough for him to fit in hard to reach places that a flashlight can't. He can keep these penlights in his pocket for easy access. This is a very nice set of penlights. You can find out more about Zitrades 2 pcs White LED Penlight @

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