Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Aleratec Universal Tablet Car Headrest Mount Holder #Review #headrestmount

Aleratec Universal Tablet car headrest mount is the ideal solution for mounting any 7" to 10" tablet for your passenger sitting in the backseat. I had the opportunity to receive this mount in return for my unbiased review. We couldn't wait to install this mount. Taking long trips with 2 or 3 different tablets playing in the background is annoying to say the least. We now can minimize to one movie on one tablet to satisfy our crowd. This is a portable mount. it's easy to install and remove. It took my husband minutes for installation. There is a screw type tightening system that will fit both thin and thick headrest metal posts which makes it suitable for universal application. We placed the mount in our Dodge Durango and it fits securely. It's very thick and durable. The mount holds tablets very snugly and they don't slip out easily. The tablets can be adjusted for portrait or landscape views. The holder has nonslip padding anywhere that touches the tablet so the tablet won't be scratched or damaged while in place. There is a snap lever in the back that locks the tablets into place and they can be easily removed. Overall, this is a high quality headrest tablet holder that has made our trips more enjoyable. Highly recommend!! You can check out more about Aleratec Universal Tablet Car Headrest Mount Holder @ http://www.amazon.com/Aleratec-Universal-Tablet-Headrest-Holder/dp/B00E3EVXVY/ie=UTF8?m=A2UZVIGPN3KFSH&keywords=car+headrest+mount.

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