Friday, August 14, 2015

Amare Terra Natural Air & Fabric Freshener #Review #HomeFresh

Amare Terra Natural Air & Fabric Freshener is an all natural air and fabric freshener. It contains no perfumes or chemicals and is safe for the entire family. I had the opportunity to received this air freshener in return for my unbiased review. It's a 2.5 ounce bottle and has enough for 400 sprays. This spray has a really light and fresh scent. It's a lavender vanilla scent and does a nice job at eliminating odors. This spray really helps to freshen the home as well as fabrics. I've used this on my furniture ( a few sprays on my couches) and it gives them a really nice scent boost. This is great kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms (especially the boys) and more. My husband has used this spray when he details our vehicles. Overall, this is a freshly scented, high quality air freshener. You can check out more about Amare Terra Natural Air & Fabric Freshener @

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