Sunday, August 16, 2015

Armful Of Love Baby Car Seat Cover #Review #BabyCarSeatCover

I had the opportunity to receive Armful Of Love Baby Car Seat Cover in return for my unbiased review. This is a high quality and stylish cover. It's made of 100% Bamboo Muslin fabric. This is a very soft fabric. It's lightweight and breathable. I absolutely love the Chevron design. It's a nice, neutral color that's perfect for boys or girls. The cover is easy to use. It fits my son's car seat securely and doesn't come off easily. I really love this cover. My son is a short-gut baby and I try my best to avoid any unnecessary exposures. Pretty much any illness that causes fever equals an automatic 3 day hospital stay for us. This cover is ideal when we're out - especially when we're at doctor appointments. There's no fool-proof way to not get exposed when sitting in the waiting room with others ( someone's always sneezing or coughing). This cover is perfect for minimizing that exposure. It's not a thick cover so he's not going to get overheated. I absolutely love the look and feel of this cover. Overall, this is a very cute, stylish and high quality cover. Highly recommend!! You can find out more about Armful Of Love Baby Car Seat Cover @

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