Thursday, August 6, 2015

BAMF High Performance Coaxial Cable Kit #BAMFKIT #Review

I received BAMF High Performance Coaxial Cable Kit in return for my unbiased review. This high performance coaxial cable kit contains 3 high quality RG6 Tri-Shield Coaxial Cables (1 - 18" and 2 - 6'), 1 high performance BAMF 5-2300mhz 2-way splitter (cable or satellite), and 1 cable fitting assist wrench. The cables are thick and very sturdy. They are very strong and made by hand. The cables don't tangle easily which is always a hassle when hooking things up. The splitter is sturdy and was easy to connect. My husband LOVES the cable fitting assist wrench. It makes connection so much easier. This is a very nice kit that can be used to connect so much. We replaced older cables in our living room with this set. The audio and signal are both perfect. We could tell the difference between this kit and our old hook-ups. Definitely high quality! You can find out more about BAMF High Performance Coaxial Cable Kit @\.

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