Sunday, August 30, 2015

Enlivenze FlipStir Puzzle #Review #ShakeStirSolve

I received Enlivenze FlipStir Puzzle in return for my unbiased review. As a parent, I absolutely love this puzzle. There are no missing pieces or puzzle pieces everywhere!! No mess to clean up!!! Enlivenze FlipStir Puzzle is a very unique and fun puzzle. It's a handheld puzzle game that requires no batteries and kids ( or adults) simply use their their hands, brains, patience and gravity to solve the puzzle. The name of the puzzle describes it all. It can be flipped, stirred or shaked to solve. It takes all of the above to do it. My nine year old son has enjoyed trying to figure out how to get the puzzle pieces in the correct order. My thirteen year old has even tried to help. This game takes patience to get the puzzle in the correct order. We have taken turns trying to get the puzzle together. This is a fantastic family-oriented puzzle that may take the help of everyone in solving it. Enlivenze FlipStir Puzzle comes in a variety of designs and levels. We received the solar system puzzle and it's been a blast working on this puzzle. After solving it, we took a picture and shook it up to try it again. We can even time each other to make it competitive. This is a very nice, no mess, sturdy and fun game. Highly recommend picking it up. You can find out more about Enlivenze FlipStir Puzzle @

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