Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Garden Kings Expandable Garden Hose #Review #expandablegardenhose

I received Garden Kings Expandable Garden Hose in return for my unbiased review. My husband really likes this hose. It's a 50 ft. long hose which allows him plenty of space to do all of his outside jobs. He loves how this hose is expandable. It's a lightweight hose and it's very easy to handle. The nozzle was easy to attach and is connected snugly. It doesn't leak and it has seven different setting for water flow. There is a flow for every job that he does. From washing the car, watering the foliage, cleaning the sidings and sidewalks, to just spraying the kids, the different modes are great and the water pressure is perfect. This is a non-kink hose so we're not searching to see where the hose is kinked if there's no water-flow. It stretches easily and is very easy to store. Overall, this is a very nice garden hose. Much better quality than our previous hose. You can find out more about Garden Kings Expandable Garden Hose @

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