Monday, August 10, 2015

Life On Rides Mini Bicycle Tire Pump #Review #LifeOnRidesMiniBikePump

Life On Rides Mini Bicycle Tire Pump is a very nice, compact bike pump. I like that this pump can be attached to the bike or fit into my son's backpack. It comes with a mounting kit that was very simple to install. My son can pump up his tires himself which makes him more independent. It's very sturdy, made of CNC Aluminum. This pump won't break or bend easily. There is a free instructional guide included that shows how to easily this pump can be switched between Presta & Schrader valve in just minutes. Also included are ball needles that can be used to inflate soccer balls, basketballs & more. This is a very nice universal pump. My son can keep his basketballs pumped instead of bugging dad about pumping them. It's easy to pump the bike tires as well as balls. Unlike those cheaper plastic pumps we've purchased in the past, this pump is built to last. Overall, a high quality bike pump. I received this pump in return for my unbiased review. You can find out more about Life On Rides Mini Bicycle Tire Pump @

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