Monday, August 10, 2015

Sirefly 4.2A Dual USB Port Cell Phone Charger #sirefly #Review

I received Sirefly 4.2A Dual USB Port Cell Phone Charger in return for my unbiased review. This is a compact and sturdy charger. It fits snugly into the power outlet. It's not bulky and doesn't take up unnecessary space. It has dual USB ports. My phone's USb cord fits securely into the ports and the charge is very quick. I can even charge my kids' tablets with this charger quickly which is really nice when you have impatient kids. This is a nice dual charger that can be kept in the car for quick and convenient access. There is a blue LED light that indicates that the charger is properly plugged and ready to charge. There's no second guessing whether my phone is actually charging. There is also a built-in short circuit, over-heat, and over-current protection system that allows for safe and reliable charging. And it has an intelligent IC chip that recognizes a full battery and will automatically switch to saver mode to protect the device's battery from being over-charged. Overall, this is a quick, compact and high quality charger. You can find out more about Sirefly 4.2A Dual USB Port Cell Phone Charger @

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