Friday, August 14, 2015

Volmate VOL60A Pulse Oximeter #Review #oximeter

I received Volmate VOL60A Pulse Oximeter in return for my unbiased review. Fall is around the corner and so is asthma flare-ups, flu season, croup, RSV and other respiratory illnesses. There's always a peak during fall and winter months so a pulse ox is really nice to have on hand for those flare-ups. I'm a pediatric nurse and use pulse oximeters. Compared to others I've used, this is a very nice, quick and very portable pulse ox. It's a small, compact pulse ox that easily fits into my scrub pockets. it comes with a lanyard that can be used to wear it around the neck. It has an automatic power off, as well as a battery-low indicator and 7-Segment bar graph display. It reads very accurately and quickly. I've actually used this pulse ox on smaller hands & toes, and it reads them just as accurately and quickly. It has a bright display that shows both the pulse rate and oxygen saturation. I am very happy with this pulse oximeter and highly recommend it. You can find out more about Volmate VOL60A Pulse Oximeter @

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