Friday, September 25, 2015

Evergreen Supply 50 Pack Craft Clips #Review #sewingtools

I received Evergreen Supply 50 Pack Craft Clips in return for my unbiased review. This is a pack of 50 small craft clips. There is an assortment of 4 different, brightly colored clips. These clips are small yet sturdy. They clasp tightly and hold items really well. They are not flimsily made and won't break easily. They work like a clothespin and clamp items together.  I personally use these as paper clips at work. They come in a compact container for easy storage which doesn't take up much space on my desk. These clips are also nice for hanging any arts & crafts such as paintings or pictures. They can be used for sewing, quilting and knitting. These are very cute clips ( it's a woman thing).  They are re-usable and with 50 in a pack, they will last a long time. Highly recommend. You can find out more about Evergreen Supply 50 Pack Craft Clips @

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