Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Joint-Ritis Roll On Joint Pain Reliever #Review #RealJointRitis

I had the opportunity to receive Joint-Ritis Roll On Joint Pain Reliever in return for my unbiased review. Unlike creams or sprays, this is a roll-on pain reliever. It's very effective at relieving muscle, joint & back pain. This is a 100% strength all natural pain reliever. The active ingredient is all natural 16% Menthol. It also contains Lanolin, Eucalyptus Oil, Citris Oil, Copiaba Oil, Lavender Oil, Glucosamine Sulfate and Chondrotin Sulfate. This combination provides a quick relief for pain. I've used this roll-on for leg pain. I worked all day and came home with leg cramping. Normally, I deal with the pain until it subsides but that day, I decided to give Joint-ritis a try. It was easy to use. I rolled a layer onto my skin and massaged it in. It absorbed quickly and did not burn. I could tell the difference within minutes of application. The muscle soreness and pain was gone. I could walk around and not be bothered by the aching feeling I had in my calf that ran down to my foot. I've used this roll-on for pain my husband has had and it worked quickly for him as well. Overall, this is an easy to use, effective pain reliever. You can find out more about Joint-Ritis Roll On Joint Pain Reliever @

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