Thursday, September 3, 2015

Lifemark Labs Bento Lunch Box #Review #LifemarkLabs

I received Lifemark Labs Bento Lunch Box in return for my unbiased review. Lifemark Labs Bento Lunch Box is a very nice lunch box. It's made of a very sturdy 100% food grade BPA Free plastic. This lunch box is microwaveable and freezer safe. This is a very cute lunch box. It's a turquoise color and is very nice. The lid fits snugly and snaps into place. It's easy to open and close yet it doesn't leak. There are 3 compartments. They are just right for portions. I've used this lunch box to take my lunch to work. There's no messy leaks and it keeps the portions separated so my food isn't mixed together.  It's dishwasher safe and it's easy to clean. Overall, this is a very sturdy lunch box. Highly recommend. You can check out more about Lifemark Labs Bento Lunch Box @

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