Thursday, September 17, 2015

Linkyo Motion Trend Spin Mop and Bucket System #Review #B010RLZFMY

I had the opportunity to receive Linkyo Motion Trend Spin Mop and Bucket System in return for my unbiased review. I absolutely love this system!!! I was initially impressed with the appearance of this set. It looks very nice. I have actually enjoyed mopping and have already gotten a lot of use out of this system. Included with the kit is one 11.8 extension handle piece, two ultra soft microfiber mop heads, one chenille mop pad for windows and cars, and one scrub brush for tiles and tough stains. The spin mop handle is made of a strong and sturdy stainless steel. Unlike plastic mops, this handle is built to last. The mop handle is comfortable to hold and easy to use. It comes at an angle but easy pops into place to straighten it. It has to be straightened in order to use the spin system in the bucket. The mop pads work really well at cleaning. The microfiber mop heads do a great job at mopping the floor. It has a long, nice reach which means I can cover more area with less work. The chenille mop head is great for dusting. The mop handle is not heavy so I can easily without it getting too heavy to hold. The scrub brush is perfect for working on tougher stains and tiles. I really like that this mop has so many uses. The bucket is large and holds a nice amount of water. There is a dispenser attached which is really nice for adding any favorite cleansers. The drain plug is easy to open and close. It seals really well and doesn't leak. There is assembly required at first but it was not a difficult task. I love the spin system!! There is a spinner for soaking the mop. It's simple to use ( change the position on the mop pole to on) and press up & down. The mop will spin in the water. After spinning, place the mop in the top spinner to spin the excess water out. The mop is ready to use. It mops the floor without leaving too much water and taking forever to dry. This is a very quick, easy to use and absolutely GREAT way to mop. I love it!! Highly recommend!! You can find out more about Linkyo Motion Trend Spin Mop and Bucket System @

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