Thursday, September 3, 2015

Oleavine Neem Oil #Review #Oleavine

Oleavine Neem Oil is a unrefined, cold pressed oil. It's carefully processed to retain delicate essential fatty acids and active ingredients. It can be used for skin, hair and much more. This is a very nice, high quality oil. Oleavine products are always high quality and this didn't disappoint. I use this oil for hair treatments. It does a great job at reducing frizz and adding shine to my naturally curly hair. It doesn't leave my hair feeling oily and doesn't weigh my hair down. This is a multi-purpose oil and I've also used it for my daughter's eczema. It's a great moisturizer!! If you're looking for a great oil with so many uses, I highly recommend this product. It's a 12 oz. bottle and will last a long time!! Highly recommend! I received this oil at a free or discounted price in return for my unbiased review. You can find out more about Oleavine Neem Oil @

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