Monday, September 7, 2015

TempoScan Non-contact Body & Surface IR Thermometer #Review #TempoScan

I received TempoScan Non-contact Body&Surface IR Thermometer in return for my unbiased review. TempoScan Non-contact Body & Surface IR Thermometer is a nice and sturdy thermometer. This thermometer is perfect for taking my son's temperature. He's 20 months old and very wiggly. It's tough getting accurate readings by trying to take an axillary or rectal temp. He squirms and cries-- it may take several attempts t get a good reading. Even with the tympanic thermometers, sometimes it's hard. This is a very nice and accurate alternative. This thermometer is a non-contact thermometer. It's easy to use and takes temps in seconds. This thermometer easily switches between Celsius and Fahrenheit. The backlit display is large and easy to read. I've also used this thermometer at work. I'm a pediatric nurse and this is the perfect thermometer for taking quick and accurate reads. The kids get a kick out of this thermometer and the parents love it as well. I love that it records the last ten readings so if I forget a temp when working up multiple patients, I can look back and see the temperatures. Overall, this is a very nice, accurate and high quality thermometer. Perfect for work and home!! Highly recommend!! You can find out more about TempoScan Non-contact Body & Surface IR Thermometer @

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