Sunday, October 18, 2015

Home Decor Dual Cooking Oil Sprayer #Review #COOKINGOILSPRAYER

I absolutely love Home Decor Dual Cooking Oil Sprayer. I have love oil and vinegar & this sprayer offers the best of both worlds in one easy to use bottle. This is a very stylish and sturdy sprayer. It's comfortable to hold and easy to adjust for whatever spray you need. It's a two-in-one sprayer so oil can be added on one side and vinegar can be added on the other. The top screws and unscrews easily. The spray pump sprays nicely and is easy to press. This sprayer can be adjusted for just the right mixture. I've added olive oil on one side and apple cider vinegar on the other. With this sprayer, each can be sprayed separately on mixed together with a simple twist. There are so many different combinations that can be used. I love added the mixture to my salads. It's much easier than adding them separately. The sprayer is see-through so there's no guessing as to how much is left in the bottle. This is a fantastic product that I will get so much use from. Highly recommend. I received this sprayer in return for my unbiased review. You can find out more about Home Decor Dual Cooking Oil Sprayer @

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