Thursday, October 22, 2015

SantaMedical Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer #Review #Thermometer

I received SantaMedical Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer in return for my unbiased review. SantaMedical Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer is a very accurate thermometer. It's easy to use. Simply aim the thermometer at the forehead from 1-4 inches away and press the scan button. The readings are quick and accurate. I am a pediatric nurse and deal with a lot of squirmy, crying babies & kids. We have both the infrared and ear thermometers. With the ear thermometers, it can be difficult trying to get an accurate temp with kids- especially if they have an ear infection ( imagine trying to stick a thermometer in a sore ear). This thermometer allows me to get the temp with touching baby so baby feels safe in mommy's arm and there's no unnecessary contact. This thermometer has an one click operation that reads a temp within a second. The LCD display has a back-light and is easy to read. It stores the last 32 temperature readings which is something I use alot- especially if I have a family with multiple kids being seen. It's easy to change between Fahrenheit or Celsius and will automatically turn off. This thermometer is perfect for an office or home setting. I can take my son's temp without disturbing him. This thermometer also doesn't need the plastic covers like ear thermometers. Overall, I am very impressed with the quickness and accuracy of this thermometer. Highly recommend! You can find out more about SantaMedical Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer @

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