Friday, October 9, 2015

Tidy Globe Premium Car Trash Litter Bag #Review #tidyglobe

I received Tidy Globe Premium Car Trash Litter Bag in return for my unbiased review. This is the perfect bag to keep in the vehicle- especially if there are little ones. When we travel, I usually try and keep a plastic bag in the car for any trash. When we stop for gas, we are always doing a quick trash drop as well. With kids in the car, there are always trash and never anywhere to put it. There are empty chip bags, juice containers, paper, etc. This is a great bag that can be kept in the car for trash. It's a nice, sturdy bag. It's made of a very durable polyester and even has waterproof PVC lining which allows it to be used as a drink cooler. Simply place on the headrest using the headstrap and it has a bottom hook strap that helps to keep it in place. It stays in place nicely and is not swinging around. I can place plastic bags into this litter bag and just change out bags. The top closes nicely. This is a great, handy and nice looking litter bag. Looks alot better than plastic bags everywhere. It even comes with a lifetime warranty which is unbeatable. Highly recommend!! You can find out more about Tidy Globe Premium Car Trash Litter Bag @

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