Thursday, November 17, 2016

Easy@Home Digital Bluetooth Body Fat Smart Scale #CF351BodyFat #Review

I received Easy@Home Digital Bluetooth Body Fat Smart Scale in return for my honest review. Easy@Home Digital Bluetooth Body Fat Smart Scale is a really nice scale. A very sturdy scale, it has a sleek, modern design. The scale has a dark hard tempered glass top and an easy to read LCD display. It uses 4 AA batteries, which are included. Compared to other scales I've used, this scale measures pretty accurately. The readings are really quick and will upload into an app. This scale has body fat measurement, bluetooth connectivity and an app to track your weight. The scale itself, doesn't track body fact, the app must be downloaded. The app is easy to install on a smartphone. Once downloadedand set up,  it will automatically shows a graph of weight, measured body fat %, etc. Using bluetooth, the app connects to the scale to help keep track of weight and measurements. There can be more than one profile, which is nice for families or friends who wants to track weight loss. You can enter your name, gender, birthday and height so it can more accurately tell you your stats after you weight yourself. I've set up profiles for myself, my husband and my son, who plays football and has been watching his body fat really closely. It's nice to keep track of our measurements to set goals for weight loss. Overall, this is a very nice, high quality scale with the right extras for keeping track of weight. I am very impressed and highly recommend it. You can check out more about Easy@Home Digital Bluetooth Body Fat Smart Scale @                               

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