Thursday, November 3, 2016

Easy@Home Digital Infrared Ear Thermometer #Review #EzHome_EET_302

I am both a pediatric nurse as well as a mother of seven so I've definitely used my share of thermometers. Being the mother to a child with short bowel syndrome, being able to obtain both a fast and accurate reading is very important. My son is almost 3 years old and quite a busy child. He's gotten better with allowing me to take his temperature but when he's feeling ill, he doesn't want to be bothered. This is where Easy@Home Digital Infrared Ear Thermometer comes in. Easy@Home Digtal Infrared Ear Thermometer is a really nice, quick, affordable and accurate thermometer. It comes with a standing, clear storage case that I can easily on hand so I can actually find the thermometer when I need it. This thermometer is super easy to use. Simply place in ear canal and press button for a fast and accurate reading. I've compared to the thermometer I use at work and the readings are the same. It has the time and I really like how it memorizes the last 10 readings which helps me to keep up with past readings. There are also ear probe covers included as well as 2 AAA batteries. This is an easy to use thermometer which I highly recommend. With flu season fast approaching and my house full of kids, I will be getting alot of use out of it. You can find out more about Easy@Home Digital Infrared Ear Thermometer @   ***I received this product at a discounted price in return for my unbiased review.

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