Wednesday, November 9, 2016

IDO3D Vertical Five Pen Set #Review #ido3d

I had the opportunity to receive IDO3D Vertical Five Pen Set in return for my unbiased review. IDO3D Vertical Five Pen Set is a super cool set. I gifted this set to my 11 year old for his birthday and he loves it. I think this was his favorite gift. He loves to draw and make things but has never been able to draw 3D. This set allows him to create different 3D images and he has been doing just that. It comes with five different colored 3D pens and and a blue LED light. There are also instructions as well as project templates and drawing accessories. The pens are easy to use, simply attach the light to the pen you'd like to use and squeeze the pen to draw. The LED light helps to dry the ink. It doesn't immediately harden with the light but still helps it to dry more quickly. My son has created several different drawings. The templates are nice to use for drawing and once you've gotten the hang of drawing with the pens, so many ideas come to mind. My son has even visited which has instructional videos for using this set. It's a huge change from markers and crayons. This is also a great set to use for school projects. If my son is any indication, this is perfect for school-aged kids. It's recommended for ages 8 and up. We have thoroughly enjoyed using IDO3D Vertical Five Pen Set and highly recommend it. You can check it out @

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