Wednesday, November 2, 2016

INNX Quilted Waterproof Pets Dog Cargo Liner #Review #innxproducts

               We recently finished football season and this has come in so handy. It has really been annoying (moreso for my husband) to have to continually have to vacuum the truck after games. He stopped doing it as often because if we weren't at a game, we had practice so he barely had time to do it. IINNX Quilted Waterproof Pets Dog Cargo Liner has made that job needless. We both LOVE this liner. Not only is it great for compact and small SUVs, it worked nicely for our Dodge Durango. This is a well made liner. It has 3 layers of quilted heavy duty material. Although it has 3 layers, it's easy to unfold and place in the truck. I's not too thick and fits in the truck nicely. It has velcro strips that help to hold it in place and doesn't slip around. I really like that it's a waterproof liner which is extra nice for those wet and muddy days. We can throw my son's sports equipment in the back without worrying about the mess it will leave. This is going to ocme in handy for baseball season, as well. My brother tried to talk me into giving it to him and eventually purchased one for himself. He's an outdoorsman and loves. INNX Quilted Waterproof Pets Dog Cargo Liner is a fantastic buy and worth every penny. Highly recommend. You can find this liner @  *** I received this product at a discounted price in return for my unbiased review.                       

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