Monday, December 14, 2015

FoxMind's Go Bong! and Last Mouse Lost Games #Review #foxmind

I had the opportunity to receive FoxMind's Go Bong! and Last Mouse Lost Games in return for my unbiased review. FoxMind's Go Bong! and Last Mouse Lost Games are two very fun and easy to play games. FoxMind's Go Bong! has different variations that can be played including Solitaire 6 Queens Puzzle, Solitaire Knight Game, Solitaire GoBong and 2-Player Logic Game. What I love most is that there is no small pieces that can be lost. This makes it perfect for travel because the kids aren't dropping pieces on the floor and we're not searching for missing pieces. This game has a bubble board that 's very durable and easy to clean. The instructions are easy to follow for each game variation and there's single player and two player games. These game variations require thinking and problem solving. It's a really nice game that's compact and perfect for traveling and keeping the kids busy while on the road. This is a great way to give tablets and other devices a break. It's really fun and I can even play it myself when they let me. Foxmind's Last Mouse Lost is another fun and compact game. It's a strategy game that requires math and thinking skills. The object is to pretty much not be the last mouse standing. It's also a compact game with no small pieces. Simple to play, just take turns pressing down the bubbles in a row. Its not a long game so no worries about losing interest. Another great game for road trips, this game can be easily packed up to take along. Both games are very interesting and fun to play. Highly recommend. You can find out more about Foxmind's Go Bong! and Last Mouse Standing Games @

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