Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Money Savvy Kids@Home Kit #Review #MSKidsatHome

I had the opportunity to receive Money Savvy Kids@Home Kit in return for my honest review. If you have kids or grandkids, I highly recommend this kit. It's so important to teach kids money habits that can prepare them for a more successful future. It's never too early and this is a great way to teach them at an earlier age about the basics of finances. This is a very easy kit that is simple to use. It includes a parent handbook and CD-ROM with 8 chapters which not only helps kids, but also serves as a guide for parents to teach finances. There's a super cool Savvy Pig piggy bank along with goal setting stickers. There's also four sing-along kids songs about money, a 21 page student workbook, coloring and activity book and a poster.  This kit teaches the four basic money management choices- save, spend, donate and invest. It also teaches the history of money, where does money come from and the importance of earning money. I have found information in this kit that I didn't even know so it's been a learning experience for me, as well. I have been working with my 10 year old and he has enjoyed it. He has been very engaged with learning about money and he has even started saving in his piggy bank, stating that he has big goals. I might just have a future banker on my hands. There's so much information included in this kit. It's a great first step towards a solid platform in finances. Highly recommend!! You can check out more about Money Savvy Kids@Home Kit @

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