Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Vita C Elixir #Review #VitaCElixir

Vita C Elixir is an all-in-one remedy vitamin C serum. It contains Vitamin C 20%, Hyaluronic Acid, MSM and Vitamin E whose combination helps to fight the signs of aging. I've been using this serum daily, applying it daily. It only takes 3-4 drops massaged into the skin so this bottle will last a long time. This serum absorbs quickly and doesn't irritate the skin. It leaves no oily residue on my skin yet leaves my skin feeling silky soft. As I age, I've noticed more fine lines and wrinkles on my forehead and around my eyes so those are the places I've been concentrating on with this serum. Since I've begun using this serum, I've noticed an improvement in the appearance of my skin. Those fine lines and wrinkles have become remarkably less noticeable. I look more youthful and my skin is glowing. This is a very nice, effective serum and I plan to continue using it. Very nice. I received this serum in return for my unbiased review. You can find out more about Vita C Elixir @  We have negotiated a 10% further discount on your purchase with our friends at Aura Naturel, all they ask for in return is that you enter your details on their website at the following link and provide details of where they heard about this offer. They will then send you a 10% discount voucher and would really appreciate it if after the purchase, you would be kind enough to leave an honest review on Amazon - great reviews are very important to sellers on Amazon!! 

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