Wednesday, October 26, 2016

AISHN Angel Wings Feather Cosplay Halloween Party #Review #wing

I received AISHN Angel Wings in return for my unbiased review. This is a cute costume prop. It's a set of wings that are easy to wear. They have elastic bands that slip over your arms. The bands are very flexible. They are sized for an adult but I've let my 3 year old daughter wear them by simply tying a knot on the back on each side. They fit comfortably and don't slip off. The wings are easily folded and unfolded so they can be spread out. They have a wing span of 50 cm which is a pretty nice length. These wings are handmade and have real white feathers. Some of the feathers do fall off but can be glued back on, if needed. I didn't glue any because although they shed, it wasn't noticeable. This is a very affordable prop perfect for Halloween, costume parties or even for photo props. My daughter is definitely enjoying it and has been pretentding to fly around all day!! You can check them out @                                                    

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