Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Anna Stay's Christmas Trivetrunner #Review #promotion

I had the opportunity to receive Anna Stay's Christmas Trivetrunner in return for my unbiased review. Anna Stay's Christmas Trivetrunner is high quality and very decorative trivetrunner. It's made of high quality material. This trivetrunner is not too thin and is made to last. It is very decorative for Christmas with subtle festive designs. It has trees, snowflakes and reindeer scattered along with bright bells at the ends. It's a long trivetrunner, measuring at 11.81 inches wide and 39.37 inches long. This is perfect for the table. I plan to use this at our annual Christmas party to add some festive decor. It's nice to use becuase I can place the warm pots and pans out to serve instead of serving from the kitchen. We can lay the dishes out for self-serving. This trivetrunner is heat resistant up to 300 F.  I've tried it out and it works well. It wasn't damaged by the heat and was easy to clean. It has a non slip grip on the bottom so it's not slipping around as dishes are moved. I also like the size of this trivetrunner. I can fit several dishes on the trivetrunner and there's plenty of room. It unfolds nicely and stays in placed when rolled out. Overall, this is a very cute and high quality trivetrunner that will get much use this holiday season. Highly recommend!! You can find out more about Anna Stay's Christmas Trivetrunner @

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