Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Weight Watchers Frosted Shredded Wheats with Protein

I recently had an opportunity to try Weight Watchers Frosted Shredded Wheat with Protein cereal for free, thanks to MOM Brands, distributor of Weight Watchers. I have never been a huge fan of shredded wheats- frosted or unfrosted, so when I received the sample I was not that excited to try. My nine year old, on the other hand, saw the box of cereal and couldn't wait to have a bowl. He really liked it. I was so impressed by his facial expressions and comments, I decided to try a bowl myself. It's been several years since I've eaten a bowl of shredded wheats so the memories I have of not liking it or what it tastes like has slowly faded. I decided to taste-test with an open mind. It was a subtle sweetness- not over-bearing. It was also crunchy. The nutritional value was an added bonus. I'm not a Weight Watchers member but for those that are, it's only 3-5 PointsPlus value per serving. It never hurts to have added protein or fiber in my diet so to get that while eating this cereal was another bonus. Needless to say, my son enjoyed his bowl and has claimed the entire box as his. I also really liked the Frosted Wheats with Protein as well and plan on having more in the future. Definitely worth trying.

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