Friday, October 9, 2015

Omnitots Shatterproof Baby Car Mirror #Review #omnitots

I received Omnitots Shatterproof Baby Car Mirror in return for my unbiased review. Omnitots Shatterproof Baby Car Mirror is easy to install. It attaches securely with the mounting straps and stays in place snugly. It has wide angle viewing so I can have a good view on my son while driving. We take long trips to his doctors' appointments and this is the perfect mirror- especially when we're traveling alone. It's a convex mirror that gives me a clear view, even as he wiggles and moves. He loves looking back at me. The angle head is easily adjustable. I can move the mirror for the view that I need. This is great because my husband is taller than me and I have to adjust it when I drive. It's a shatterproof mirror that's nice & durable. Overall, a great backseat mirror for baby!! You can find out more Omnitots Shatterproof Baby Car Mirror @

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