Thursday, April 16, 2015

Culinary Couture Pulled Pork Shredder Meat Claws #culinarycouture #Review

Culinary Couture's Pulled Pork Shredder Meat Claws help you shred meat quickly. These are high quality yet affordable claws that do a great job at shredding. I received them for free in return for my unbiased review. These claws are made of high quality nylon plastic and are heat resistant up to 450 degrees. They are BPA free. I really like how well they shred meat - I've used these claws for chicken and pork so far and it has made my job so much easier. You grab the meat with the claws and pull apart. No more fighting with knives or forks for me. You can use them for tearing a variety of meats including beef, poultry, roasts, pork, hams, etc. These multipurpose claws can also be used from shredding lettuce, mixing salads and pastas to scooping charcoal from grill. A wide array of uses from a very affordable product. The clean up is a breeze- wash with soap and water or put in dishwasher. I really love these claws and the kids are fascinated with the way they look. These claws also come with 100% money back guarantee which speaks volumes. you can check it out here @

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