Thursday, April 16, 2015

Culinary Couture Silicone Baking Mat Set #culinarycouture #Review

I love Culinary Couture's products. I was excited to receive Culinary Couture's Silicone Baking Mats for free in return for my honest review. These are wonderful mats that are useful and save you money. They are nonstick silicone mats that fit perfectly in 18"x13" baking pans. These mats are FDA approved and BPA free. I have used these mats to bake cookies with a breeze. You don't to worry with the hassle of using cooking sprays, parchment paper or aluminum foil. Simply lay the mat in the pan and your clean up will be a breeze. They will cook food evenly and they are heat resistant up to 450 degrees. These mats are reusable- you can wash with soap & water or stick in the dishwasher. No scrubbing greasy pans or struggling with parchment paper. They are high quality, attractive mats. These are also microwave and freezer safe. You'll receive a set of two mats with your purchase and just be prepared to bake. From cookies, candy, brownies to cakes to any kinds of baked fish or meats- your nonstick mats are ready for it all. You'll also receive a free e-book cookbook with your purchase and it has some very nice recipes. On top of all that, a money back guarantee. These are great baking mats. You can check them out here @

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