Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Fuse Essential's Premium Lingerie Bags #Review #fuseessentials

I was selected to receive Fuse Essential's Premium Lingerie Bags in return for for my honest review. Do you hate washing lingerie, undergarments or socks just so the laundry monster can eat them? How many times have you lost socks that you know were placed together in the washing machine? Well, these bags are an answer to a common problem. I really love Fuse Essential's Premium Lingerie Bags. They are high quality bags that will last a long time. The sizes are just right for what you would want to wash- socks, bras and underwear, shoes, etc.-even stuffed animals. Easy to use, they have a zipper that keeps the bag from opening during a wash. You can also throw it in the dryer and it won't make a lot of noise ( there's an elastic zipper guard on the bags). You'll receive four bags in a set and they are so perfect for so much. I absolutely can't keep up with my 15 month old's socks and as he soils them, I toss them in and when full, I throw the bag in the washer. These are great bags to take when traveling. Small enough to pack up and use for dirty laundry. I highly recommend checking these bags out. Makes that daily chore so much easier and organized. You can find out more about Fuse Essential's Premium Lingerie Bags @

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