Sunday, April 5, 2015

100 Naturals Thyroid Rite #Review #thyroidsupport

I received 100 Naturals Thyroid Rite for free in return for my unbiased review. Thyroid Rite is a complete nutritional supplement containing 14 natural vitamins, herbal extracts and minerals. This supplement is for anyone who tires easily, have cold hands & feet, struggle with weight due to sluggish metabolism or is forgetful. It contains 100% natural ingredients. I haven't been diagnosed with any thyroid problems but I do tend to have cold hands and especially feet. Of course, I would love to speed up my metabolism to help lose weight. So I began taking this supplement, which also help because with my diet, I don't get all the necessary daily recommended vitamins and minerals. I take two pills daily after a meal with lots of water. Since starting this regimen, I do feel more energized. I don't feel as sluggish throughout the day. I like that it increases your metabolism which in turn, helps you lose weight. Also, I have a family history of thyroid problems so it's nice to take a supplement that may help ward off any future problems. So far, this supplement has agreed with me- no problems with any bad aftertaste or nausea that I sometimes get when taking supplements. This product is backed by an unprecedented FIVE 100% guarantees that you won't find often-- 100% natural, 100% drug free, 100%satisfaction guarantee, 100% full refund if not satisfied within 100 days and 100% potency tested by 3rd party. That's my first time seeing that which should back up this product. It's available on Amazon @

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