Monday, April 6, 2015

35% off COUPON BELOW!!! Very Healthy Spiral Slicer by VarietyLand #Review #veryhealthy

I've had the opportunity to receive Very Healthy Spiral Slicer by VarietyLand for free in return for my unbiased review. This cute, compact slicer is a nice tool to have in your kitchen. It comes with a free recipe e-book that has great ideas for use. This slicer gives your vegetables a different, fancy look -- it looks like veggie pasta. The kids love the way the vegetables looks-compared to chopping or slicing by hand. You have two size options for the slicer so you can choose the width of the spiral slices. You simply wash and peel your vegetables, then place them in the top of the slicer. Twist the vegetable while gently pushing it in. It has stainless steel blades that does most of the work. There's a cap that you can use to finish slicing when the veggie is too short for you to hold. The blades are very sharp and it's easy to use with minimal effort. The slicer also comes with a brush for cleaning-- be careful when reaching in the funnel with the brush as the blades are sharp. Overall, this is nice, cute product to use that gives your vegetables flair. You can check out more @  . From now until Mother's Day on May 10, 2015- you can now receive 35% off of the Very Healthy Spiral Slicer by VarietyLand by using coupon code 3LBTRJLM. Order today and get this great deal!!

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