Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Eye Pillow Vacation Lavender Eye Pillow #Review #EyePillowVacation

Eye Pillow Vacation Lavender Eye Pillow is made of natural fabrics and filled with organic flax seed & pure and natural aromatherapy herbs. This pillow is designed to relieve tension and stress. This pillow helps with migraines, insomnia, anxiety, mild depression and more. I had the opportunity to receive this pillow in return for my unbiased review. This is really a super-soft pillow. It feels so comfortable!! The smell is not overpowering and the aromatherapy really helps to relieve stress. After a long day, I like to warm this pillow up before using it. When I lie down, I place it over my eyes and just relax. The heat and the smell is so enjoyable. It helps me to visually and mentally release all of my worries and stress. I haven't tried the pillow for headaches but I can imagine how soothing it would be. It can also be used cool by putting it in the freezer which helps with headaches. This pillow can also be used as a warm or cool compress for injuries. My son plays basketball and it's nice to have this pillow on hand. Overall, this is a really pillow and I recommend checking it out. you can find out more about Eye Pillow Vacation Lavender Eye Pillow @ http://www.amazon.com/Lavender-Eye-Pillow-Migraine-Lifetime/dp/B00SX929LI/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1432058672&sr=8-8&keywords=stress+relief+giftsv

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