Monday, May 18, 2015

UNi 100% Pure Premium Moroccan Argan Oil #Review #argan

I received UNi 100% Pure Premium Argan Oil in return for my honest review. UNi 100% Pure Premium Argan Oil is 100% extra virgin Moroccan oil. Argan oil can be used for a variety of uses including face & body moisturizer, cuticle softener, sun protection and more. I am an argan oil fanatic for my hair. This oil does wonders to my curls. I was excited to try UNi. As the directions recommend, I use this oil as a conditioner. After placing a few drops in my hand, I rub my hands together to warm the oil. I then apply the oil to my scalp and hair. I like to leave the oil in overnight for a treatment. After washing my hair the next morning, I style as usual. My hair is light and fluffy. This oil gives my hair a shine and doesn't weigh it down. Sometimes, I even apply a small amount to my hair and style. This oil makes my hair look and feel more healthy. I've tried several different oils for my hair- jojoba, coconut, etc- but argan is my favorite. This oil ranks at the top of my list. You can find out more about UNi 100% Pure Premium Argan Oil @ or

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