Monday, March 9, 2015

Lunch Bag Hango Set of 2 (small and large) Review #hangobags

I absolutely love the Hango Lunch Bag set that I received for free in return for my honest review. When you order the bags, you receive two different sizes, perfect for packing snacks or lunches.You have the option of black or pink bags. My son was so excited to take his Hango to school, he packed his bags last night. He used the larger bag and packed both snack and lunch. He placed a sandwich, two bags of chips, two juices and a gogurt in the bag with ease. The bag is large enough to fit all of that yet compact enough to fit tidy in his backpack. The bag is high quality and just plain cute. The aluminum lining keeps food/drinks cool or warm-depending on the temperature it was when placed in the bag.  They are very durable  ( enough for a nine year old boy). The smaller bag can be used for snacks, drinks and are even versatile enough to be used as a makeup holder or whatever you can imagine. I was very impressed with the look of the bags. Did I say they were cute??? These bags come with a 100%  lifetime satisfaction guarantee. Check them out here @

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