Friday, May 15, 2015

Fruity Fresh Premium Fruit Infused Water Bottle #Review #FruityFresh

Fruity Fresh Premium Fruit Infused Water Bottle is a very nice, sturdy bottle. It's made of shatterproof Tritan plastic. It's 100% BPA free and eco-friendly. This water infuser is different from others. The infuser is at the top of the bottle. You simply add your fruit to the infuser, place it in the bottle and add water. The longer you let it sit, the more it will infuse. I love this bottle. I don't have to take the infuser out to drink the water and the infuser has little holes so you can drink without making a mess. I love that it's spill-proof and mess-proof. My kids love to grab my bottle and they can drink out of it without having water everywhere. The top screws on tightly and it doesn't leak. It's easy to grab and take along with me wherever I go. This is a very nice product and I can drink as much flavored water as I like without running to the store to pickup more bottles. I received this bottle in return for my honest review and I love it!! You can find out more about Fruity Fresh Premium Fruit Water Bottle @

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