Wednesday, May 6, 2015

HomEco Dry-Ice Whiskey Cube Combo Set #Review #whiskeycombo

I received HomEco Dry-Ice Whiskey Cube Combo Set in return for my honest review. This is a very nice set to have. If you hate drinking watered down whiskey, wine or other liquors, this is a really nice set to use to avoid that watered down taste. This set comes with it's own covered ice cube tray to keep the cubes in. You will get 4 stainless steel cubes, 4 soapstone cubes and a set on tongs. You simply rinse the cubes and let them air-dry. Then you freeze them for ateast four hours before use. These are re-usable cubes so after you use them, rinse them off and freeze them again. My husband really likes these cubes. He can enjoy a drink without worrying about it getting watered down. The cubes chill your drinks perfectly. This set is great for home or as a gift. This is a really nice set. You can find out more about HomEco Dry-Ice Whiskey Cube Combo Set @

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