Friday, May 15, 2015

Strand Maximizer #Review #thickhair

Strand Maximizer is an exciting product to help conceal hair thinning and make it less noticeable. It's for both men and women and helps eliminate the appearance of thinning and bald spots. It's keratin hair fibers that bond with your natural hair follicles, giving your hair a thicker appearance. If you don't want to take medication like Rogaine or Propecia and you're looking for an alternate solution, this product is for you. I received Strand Maximizer for free in return for my unbiased review. It's very easy to apply. I have some thinning areas that really bother me. Depending on my style, I will apply Strand Maximizer to those noticeable areas. After application, I could tell a difference in my appearance yet I couldn't tell that there was something added to my hair. It's not messy to use and washes out easily. It doesn't irritate my scalp. I am very impressed with the results. You can check out more about Strand Maximizer here @

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