Sunday, September 6, 2015

BikiniBod Dietary Supplement #mybikinibod #Review

I had the opportunity to receive BikiniBOD in return for my unbiased review. BikiniBod is a natural weight loss aid that can help trim off unwanted pounds at a rapid rate. It helps to decrease appetite and boost metabolism. It's made of fruit and plant extracts, including those from bitter orange, yohimbe bark, grape, raspberry, blueberry, garcinia cambogia, and green tea leaves. This combination of ingredients help to shrink trouble areas and accentuate the leanest and most youthful curves possible. The 4 key pathways that this supplement focuses on are hunger hormone suppression for a lighter appetite, blocking carb-to-fat conversion, stopping fat before the point of absorption, and boosting metabolism for a higher calorie burn even when resting. I've been taking 1 capsule daily. They are easy to swallow and leave no bad aftertaste. The dose depends on caffeine sensitivity. Depending on how much caffeine normally consumed, a dose can vary from 1/2 capsule for those who don't drink caffeine to up to 2 capsules for regular caffeine drinkers. There are 60 capsules so a bottle can last 1-2 months. This is a very nice supplement. I've had no side effects. This capsule works wonderfully at suppressing my appetite. Since starting these capsules, I have dropped a few pounds already. Compared to other supplements I've tried, this ranks at the top of the list. Can't wait for more results!! Overall, this is a very effective and fantastic supplement. Highly recommend! You can find out more about BikiniBod Dietary Supplement @

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