Sunday, September 6, 2015

Tosca Curl Luxury Hair Care Products #Review #Toscacurls

I had the opportunity to receive products from Tosca Curls in return for my unbiased review. Tosca Curls has a huge array of great products for naturally curly hair. I received 3 of these products to try for myself. The first product I receive was Tosca Curl Energizing Therapy. This is a very effective shampoo for fine to normal naturally curly hair. It lathers really well and gives my hair a deep cleanse. It helps to strengthen, separate and define curls. It also increases the volume of the hair. I am really impressed with this shampoo. I can tell a difference since using this shampoo as compared to other shampoos I've used. It leaves my hair more manageable and gives it much needed volume. Next, I tried Tosca Style Curl Reviving Potion. This is a conditioner for curly hair. After shampooing, I apply this to my hair and work in evenly. I let it sit for a few minutes, then rinse. It gives my hair a deep condition. It does a fantastic job at detangling my curls and minimizing the frizz. My curls looks shinier, healthier and more defined. I have also used this prior to flat-ironing. It really helps to protect my hair from heat damage and my styles look gorgeous. Very nice conditioner. Lastly, I tried Tosca Curl Rocking Ringlets. This is a booster spray for curls. It helps to shape, separate and define curls after setting. It's also a curl creator for morning-after hair. I have used this spray to help give my curls a boost in the morning. I spray it evenly on my hair and run my fingers through to separate my curls. It revives my curls and gives them bounce. It's a lightweight spray and doesn't leave a residue. I like to carry this in my purse to liven my curls up throughout the day. This is a really nice product. Overall, Tosca Curl makes a great variety of high quality products. highly recommend. You can find out more about Tosca Curl @

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