Thursday, September 24, 2015

Rhino Fuerte Superior Hair Styling Gel #RhinoFuerte #Review

I received Rhino Fuerte Superior Hair Styling Gel in return for my unbiased review. My son has naturally curly hair and is always in my products. He was happy to receive this gel and so was I. It's a large 16 ounce jar of gel so it will last a long time. It only takes a small amount to style hair. This gel has proteins, vitamins and aloe vera so it won't dry out hair. my son has used this gel to give his curls more definition. He dampens his hair and applies the gel. He lets it air dry and his curls look really nice. It holds the curls all day and doesn't leave his hair flaky. It's easy to wash out and leaves his hair smooth and soft. I also have naturally curly hair and have used this gel for myself. I like to apply it to my ends. I love the way it holds my curls as well. Looks like I'll be using his hair care products now. Highly recommend. You can find out more about Rhino Fuerte Superior Hair Styling Gel @

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