Sunday, September 6, 2015

Hugs Babycare Baby Car Mirror #Review #hugsbabycare

Hugs Babycare Baby Car Mirror is a large and sturdy car mirror for baby. It is easy to install and snugly latches to the headrest. There are double straps which helps to keep the mirror locked securely into place without moving.  It's adjustable so I can have the perfect angle to see exactly what my son is doing while I'm driving. I like to keep a close watch on my little one- he's a short-gut baby and having that birds-eye view is reassuring when I'm on the road with him. This car mirror provides a very clear, anti-glare reflection. The mirror is large and shatterproof. I was very impressed with the quality of this mirror. If I'm the front seat passenger, I can still see my son through the passenger side rear-view mirror without turning around. Overall, this is a high quality baby car mirror. Highly recommend. I received this mirror in return for my unbiased review. You can check out more about Hugs Babycare Baby Car Mirror @

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